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Families, children , couples and friends as well as individuals can benefit from our premium ski lessons during their ski holiday. No matter how good or bad skier you are, we can help dramatically improve your skiing eventhough you might think otherwise.
The ski instructor will make it happen.

Right ski equipment
All the lessons start with choosing the right equipment matching your physical shape and skiing ability from the boots and skis up to the wearing gear.The instructor will personally assist you in choosing the equipment in a rental ski shop.This ensures that you are just right equiped for the job so that it will not hold you back while enjoying your ski holiday at the same time.We know this step is crutial and we do not take it lightly.

Right ski slope
Once in the right gear, the ski school instructor chooses an appropriate slope in one of the three Zermatt ski areas.By closely watching your ski movements, stance, body position, turning techniques, speed control ... on a variable terrain the ski school instructor will assess your ski techniques and pick up the major areas for improvement.This may be just one technique or a combination.
People come with all different shapes and sizes and what works for one skier does not necessary work for others.The Family skiing ski school lessons are designed to match the individual needs of every skier to improve their skiing ability in an effective and fast way while getting the most out of your ski holiday.

Quality practice
Quality "Practice makes perfect" and "Repetition is the mother of skill".And this is what we do. We apply quality practice to your ski lessons and the key word here is "quality".If you practice during the ski holiday on your own not knowing perfectly the technique, you may think you do it right but in reality you do not.Then you practice it the wrong way and through repetition it is engraved into your nervous system and it becomes automatic.So you do it automatically but wrong.When you realize it or the ski school instructor finds out, it takes twice as much to correct it and you go through the same process again to break the bad habbits.Indeed, this would not be necessary if you practiced it the right way from the beginning.It is generally true to everybody, young or old doing or practicing any sport or skill.Just do it right from the "get go" is the key.

Learning right from the get go
Once the major areas of improvement have been found, the ski instructor will explain the right technique to you and why you do it incorrectly.Some people like a deep explanation in great details involving physics and forces and with some we just keep it simple.The goal here is to understand the technique inside and out perfectly.
After you understand the right technique it is time for the quality practice.Through specific exercises the ski school instructor will make you feel the technique through your nerves.This step is very important because you, yourself can feel when you do it right and wrong.Now, when you understand the technique, you know why you do it wrong and what it takes to do it right so in later stages you can correct yourself enjoying the ski holiday. When you take Zermatt ski school lessons, the ski instructor constantly watches you, skiing in front of you with his head back,next to you or behind and making sure you do it picture perfect.

One day we feel good and everything goes on an autopilot just right and some other days just frustration.Even if you can do something right once or twice this does not mean that your body can do it perfect all the time no matter what. This is what we call the human factor. So how can we do it right almost everytime? The answer is simple - practice and repetition and constantly challenging yourself on various terrains and snow conditions while having your ski holiday a great fun .
Even though you understand something perfect and know how to do it and have done it right many times, you have to constantly practice and repeat it under different conditions to remind your body and mind not to forget what you have learned.It is a natural process and when you have developed the right feeling for the technique it is easy to practice and repeat it on your own while free skiing with your family or friends. Now, you can even watch others and others can watch you so that your ski holiday becomes challenging and more fun and you can correct your kids or friends and vise versa.

Zermatt, the right place for your ski holidays
When it comes to practice and repetition, Zermatt is an ideal place to practice and repeat what you have learned during your ski holiday.
We will take you to every corner of the mountain skiing area which you otherwise may not have discovered.
Zermatt ski area is famous for its size, on and off piste skiing in a high altitude up to 3800m, different snow conditions ranging from powder to hard pack, nice groomed slopes in the morning with bumpy sections and ruts towards the end of the day and restaurants and bars everywhere including the Igloo where you can even spend a romantic ski holiday night.

The ski school instructors will make you a better skier. Period.