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Petr Till

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Ski School Zermatt
ISIA Ski Instructor
Petr Till Ski Instructor Zermatt
Petr Till is a founder of the Family Skiing - local Swiss tour operator.
The Family Skiing is also an exclusive agent for the local Swiss ski school - Adventure Zermatt where Petr works also as director - Swiss Snowsport qualified.
Petr is an ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association) qualified and experienced ski instructor and ski coach.

Petr Till moved to Zermatt in 2006, fell in love with the place and has been teaching there ever since. He also travels to deliver high quality ski lessons to his clients namely in Oetztal in Ski School Soelden and Pitztal in Austria.

Petr is also a TEFL qualified English teacher with more than 10 years of experience in a classroom which contributes to his high level of communication skills and individual approach to every client.

In summer, he takes clients to different parts of the world involving via ferrata climbing, hiking, touring, cycling...but mostly to Norway.

Petr Till
Petr Till - off piste training
Petr Till Zermatt
Petr Till - off piste training
Ski School Zermatt - Petr Till
Petr Till Ski Instructor
Petr Till - on piste training
Zermatt Petr Till
Petr Till - on piste training

Delivering high quality ski lessons
Petr Till individually tailor-makes his ski lessons to the client` s needs to reflect his motto - "Ski good and be safe".
Ski Instructor Zermatt
Petr Till - explanation and demonstration
Zermatt Ski Instructor
Petr Till - correct practice and repetition

Learning from the US Ski Team
As a former ski racer, Petr Till has long realized the importance of keeping up with the modern ski techniques that the best World Cup racers use.
The World Cup racer change their techniques each and every year following the development of the ski gear.

That is why Petr travels to different parts of the Alps to follow the US Ski Team to learn the most modern techniques and apply their changes to his ski lessons to make sure his clients learn fast and effective.
Petr Till and US Ski Team
Petr Till - learning from the US Ski Team
Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn - US Ski Team
Family Skiing Instructors
Travel to learn from the best ski racers.
Teach you the most modern techniques.

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